Arise America Debuts It's Diverse Talk Show Format


New York, NY - After months of preparation and anticipation staffers for the Arise News Networks based in New York launched their two hour talk show called Arise America.  The program, hosted by former CBS News anchor Debbye Turner Bell and former MSNBC anchor Christina Brown, is part of the soft launch plans for the Arise News Network,which through a press release, announced that it would grow to become a rival for other 24-hour news operations around the world.  Arise News says they "cover international news from a perspective of diversity with a heavy emphasis on the African Diasopra".

Bell, also a former Miss America, was also joined by blooger Wallace Ford, who guest hosted the maiden launch.  Ford is an attorney and has a following on the internet through his "Point of View" blogs on race and politics.  Other panel members included Columbia University professor Sree Sreenivasan, who spoke about the lack of diversity in the mainstream media,  Other first day subjects included the Papal Conclave, U.S. interest in the Kenya elections, expectations of a post-racial America as well as discussions about the top news stories of the day.

On the company website, the names of other verteran journalists can be found including Jeff Koinange, formerly of CNN, Lyne Pitts, former Vice Presdient at NBC News, Gary Anthony Ramsay former anchor from Time Warner Cable, and Lola Oggunaike also formerly of CNN and the New York Times.

In the interest of full disclosure, Great Pitch Media, the parent company of Our News Now, provides content for Arise News.

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Doctors Say First Baby Ever, Cured of HIV

By The Guardian

Biloxi, MS - Doctors in the US have made medical history by effectively curing a child born with HIV, the first time such a case has been documented.

The infant, who is now two and a half, needs no medication for HIV, has a normal life expectancy and is highly unlikely to be infectious to others, doctors believe.

Though medical staff and scientists are unclear why the treatment was effective, the surprise success has raised hopes that the therapy might ultimately help doctors eradicate the virus among newborns.

Doctors did not release the name or sex of the child to protect the patient's identity, but said the infant was born, and lived, in Mississippi state. Details of the case were unveiled on Sunday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta.

Dr Hannah Gay, who cared for the child at the University of Mississippi medical centre, told the Guardian the case amounted to the first "functional cure" of an HIV-infected child. A patient is functionally cured of HIV when standard tests are negative for the virus, but it is likely that a tiny amount remains in their body.


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Now, The NRA Wants Blacks to Have Guns


Nationwide, USA - When the gun control debate focused around black militants taking up arms, the fulcrums were very different. Indeed, both the NRA and President Ronald Reagan spoke against armed citizens when African American men patrolled neighborhoods brandishing firearms in response to racial violence. The Panthers were not the “well-regulated militia” that the white, conservative stalwarts of Second Amendment advocacy had in mind.

Hence the hypocrisy now of the gun group appealing to African Americans — invoking the Civil Rights movement — to lobby support against gun regulation. The NRA hired Internet star and gun advocate Colion Noir to feature in a video, posted on YouTube Friday, to appeal to the black community. In the video, Noir says:

The same government who at one point hosed us down with water, attacked us with dogs, wouldn’t allow us to eat at their restaurants and told us we couldn’t own guns. [...] The only person responsible for your safety is you. Cops can’t always be there. Obama definitely can’t be there. Guy telling me to get rid of my guns when I need them the most, isn’t my friend, isn’t looking out for my best interests and doesn’t speak for me or the community that I’m part of

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Romney on Loss: I Failed to Connect with Minorities

By The Wall Street Journal

Washington, DC - In his first television interview since he lost November's presidential election, Mitt Romney said a failure to connect with minority voters doomed his bid for the White House.

"We weren't effective in taking my message primarily to minority voters—to Hispanic-Americans, to African-Americans, other minorities," Mr. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, told Fox News in an interview that aired Sunday. "That was a real weakness."

Mr. Romney garnered 27% of the Hispanic vote, compared with the 31% that Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) got in his 2008 presidential run and the 44% that Republican President George W. Bush received in 2004, according to national exit polls. Mr. Romney received 6% of the African-American vote.

Mr. Romney said he underestimated the appeal of President Barack Obama's health-care law to minority voters. And he argued his party must do more to bring such voters into the GOP fold, suggesting the challenge was one of outreach rather than party platform.

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Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled at Capitol

By The Washington Post

Washington, DC - The nation’s most powerful politicians honored Rosa Parks on Wednesday by unveiling her statue in a permanent place in the U.S. Capitol. President Barack Obama praised Parks as an enduring reminder of what true leadership requires, “no matter how humble or lofty our positions.”

Parks became the first black woman to be depicted in a full-length statue in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall. A bust of another black woman, abolitionist Sojourner Truth, sits in the Capitol Visitors Center.

“We do well by placing a statue of her here,” Obama said. “But we can do no greater honor to her memory than to carry forward the power of her principle and a courage born of conviction.”

The unveiling brought Obama, House Speaker John Boehner and other congressional leaders together in the midst of a fierce standoff over automatic spending cuts set to go into effect on Friday.

Setting that conflict aside, Obama and Boehner stood on either side of a blue drape, tugging and pulling in opposite directions on a braided cord until the cover fell to reveal a 2,700-pound bronze statue of a seated Parks, her hair in a bun under a hat, her hands crossed over her lap and clasping her purse. Obama gazed up at it, and touched its arm.

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